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Magical Books For Kids

Oct 26, 2022

Children's author and Magic Everywhere, Inc. CEO Michael John Sullivan shares some short thoughts on what the podcast means and the hopes he has for it in the future.


Oct 19, 2022

Lisa Jacovsky is quite busy these days. She's writing a TV show, landed a traditional publisher's contract, and is speaking at schools about the important issue of Autism. She's also a college professor!


Oct 12, 2022

Prolific children's author Conrad J. Storad has an impressive list of published books, focusing on science and animals and the wonders of this world. He shares his amazing journey!


Oct 5, 2022

Children's author Michael John Sullivan reads a fun story called The Sockkids Go to the Hospital. Sudsy comes down with sore tonsils but his family and an ice cream and jello party lift his spirits. A fun book to read for adults and children.