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Magical Books For Kids

Aug 31, 2022

Jay Aedo has taken the original Cain and Abel story and rewrote it with a wonderful, teaching ending for children and adults. He discusses why he did so and talks about future books he wishes to write.


Aug 24, 2022

Derek Fisher has spent the better part of a decade focusing on cybersecurity so he's written a series to help parents and children deal with the stresses of online challenges. He gives us details and advice in this important podcast.


Aug 17, 2022

Prolific author Charlotte Bennardo digs deep into STEM and STEAM aspects along with touching on environmental issues to write terrific chapter books for kids of all ages. Website:

Aug 10, 2022

Mike Puglielli has been telling stories in many mediums for several years. He's written a book, inspired by his daughters, about a girl wanting to be an astronaut. He shares his wonderful book.


Aug 3, 2022

Kelle Lima is an educator and now a prolific author and illustrator. Her most popular children’s book is about jealousy and friendship. She also has two more books coming out this year: one about loving someone like a family member and the other one that is a non-fiction book about hearing.