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Magical Books For Kids

Jun 29, 2022

Author and counselor, Raina Hassan, was inspired by her child to write a book called, I Love You, Monster! It's a story that helps children overcome their fears, making a wonderful impact early in their lives. Readers can get 25 percent off on this book!


Jun 22, 2022

Shelley Larkin empowers girls with her spectacular children's book called Princess Investigators: The Case of the Missing Crown. Following each story, are questions and activities designed to encourage sharing, curiosity, creativity, imagination, and to bring families closer together.


Jun 15, 2022

Marlene Sharp returns to discuss how a children's book series is being turned into a screenplay. She also gives updates on Brainstorm Productions, a company that employs autistic adults who are interested in the creative aspects of animation, illustration, publishing, and design.


Jun 8, 2022

Timothy Stuetz has been writing books since 1982. So far, 85 books in all, and another 10 more on the way. He discusses the importance of his books and reaching children at an early age to encourage creativity.


Jun 1, 2022

Children's Author Lisa Rose shares her incredible children's book called A Singer and a Scientist, sharing the true story of how Albert Einstein gave shelter to an African American singer who was denied hotel access.