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Magical Books For Kids

May 18, 2022

Athena: The Adventures of a Fearless Dragon follows the story of a young bearded dragon called Athena. After being abandoned due to their disabilities, Athena and her two brothers, Draco and Aragon, were finally on the way to adoption. Because of being scared and not knowing what to expect, the three bearded dragons ran from the boxes and took off on an adventure.

These adorable siblings will go through various challenges and fun experiences. These will provide lessons and strengthen their connection. They discover that words can hurt and that consequences will follow. They learn the moral lessons of giving, sibling love, and kindness.



Audio Engineer: Gabriel Longley

Voiceover Actor: Wendy Longley

Voiceover Producer: Wendy Longley 

Book Coach: Sarah Longley 

Author: Gabriela Nalven